D4 Core Working Group meeting notes

D4 Core Working Group meeting notes


The D4 Core Working Group meeting was organized at CIRCL/SMILE premises on March 29 2019. The purpose of the meeting was to show the progress of the ongoing activities in the D4 projects followed by technical challenges.

The meeting was composed of people from Governmental CSIRTs, national CSIRTs, CSIRTs for National and Research and Education Networks, private CSIRTs from the banking sector, ministry of defence and economy, MISP core developers and AIL developers.

The audience benefited from a practical demonstration of developed D4 software on life data streams and a set of presentation materials which were also published In addition to the preliminary agenda, the use case of passive SSL was presented which acts as solid origin validation based on certificate assigned per IP address.

The expert discussion session in the afternoon was quite fruitful. A lot of interesting questions and topics were debated leading to new requirements for the components of the D4 project. These requirements were analysed and led to requests for existing and new D4 software components. These requests were published on github on the repositories such as on the architecture repository and the analyzer-d4-pibs repository

The issues are tagged with the label “topic:coreworkinggroup” such that the interested parties can track the evolution of their requests and create new requirements.

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